FiveM (All Servers)

Mod Menu Hack

Status: Updated / Undetected
 Platforms:  PC

Mod Menu Showcase:


Mod Menu Controls :


• Press “Insert” key to open the menu
• Use the arrow keys to navigate
• Press “Enter” to select the mods you want
• Press “Backspace” to exit / close menu


Installation :


1 – Download the Mod Menu files
2 – After downloading, open the .zip file
3 – Extract the Mod Menu files using WinRAR
4 – Open FiveM, but don’t join a server yet
5 – Open the injector “Shark-executor.exe”
6 – Click on “Load Mod Menu” on the injector
7 – Select your favorite .lua Menu in the folder
8 – Wait for the message “Mod Menu Injected Succesfully!”
9 – Join your favorite server
10 – Have Fun!


Features :


• Self Functions – Godmode, Heal, Armour, Revive, Fastrun, etc
• Vehicle Menu – Spawn Vehicles, LSC Customs, SpeedBoost, Godmode, etc
• Weapon Menu – Give Weapons, Delete Weapons, Infinite Ammo, Extensions, etc
• Lua Functions – Money Options, Random Triggers, etc
• Trolling Options – Nuke Server, Delete Cars, Remove Weapons, Send to Jail, etc
• Aimbot – Triggerbot, ESP, Custom Crosshair



Talk to us


Feel free to contact us if you need help setting up a specific USB Mod Menu or simply want to give us your feedback about it. Tell us how we can improve our mods!


Response Time:

1 – 3 business days

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