Grand Theft Auto V

USB Mod Menu

Status: Updated / Undetected
 Platforms:  PS4 – PS5 – Xbox One – Xbox Series S|X

Video Tutorial:

Mod Menu Controls:


Xbox One and Xbox Series S | X:

• Press RB + LEFT DPAD to open the menu
• Press X to select the mods you want
• Press B to close the menu

PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5:

• Press R1 + LEFT DPAD to open the menu
• Press Square to select the mods you want
• Press Circle to close the menu




1 – Download the Mod Menu files on your PC
2 – Extract the Mod Menu files (using WinRAR)
3 – Copy all extracted files to the root of your USB Stick
4 – Insert the USB Stick (with the Mod Menu files) in your console
5 – Launch Grand Theft Auto 5



 200+ options, including:

• Recovery (multiple money options, level options, casino & cayo perico heist, unlock all, rp dropper, spoofer options, casino recovery, nightclub popularity, stats editor, heist & mission options, bad sport cleaner, etc.)

• Self Options (god mode, never wanted, levitation, model changer, super jump, invisibility, animations, fly, teleporting, superman mode, effects, no collision, suicide, etc.)

• Session Options (trolling options such as crash, kick, kill or explode any player, weather changer, session options & browser, modder detection, anti AFK, track players, drops, SCID join, fake friends, chat commands & spammer, player history, off radar, etc.)

• Weapon Options (aimbot, triggerbot, explosive ammo, one shot kill, unlimited ammo, spawn guns, rapid fire, teleport & gravity gun, damage multiplier, etc.)

• Vehicle Options (spawn cars, customize them, horn boost; invisible, indestructible and flying cars, autopilot, garage browser, LSC, remote control, etc.)

• Advanced Protections (stay protected from other attacks by modders. Events, detections, notifications, etc.)

• Security (don’t worry about the bans, this mod menu is completely undetectable and safe)

• Player Options (troll the entire session or specific players: crash, kick, kill, explode, freeze, infinite loading screen, cage, etc. Spectate player, give all weapons, never wanted, give vehicles, drop RP, etc.)

• Modded Outfits (customize your character and animations as you want with the appearance editor)

• Game Options (skip cutscene, spawn objects, info overlay, radio, set story mode cash, etc.)

• Customize your mod menu (theme changer, position, colours, header, font, textures, etc.)

• Weather/climate Options

• LUA Scripts and ASI Mods Support (ScriptHookV)

• Custom Settings

• And much more!


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